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1.STORAGE - storage service aims to store and maintain in our store, inflatable structures provided to the customer and temporarily unused. Our service guarantees through the tracking, the proper tracking and monitoring the movement of the inflatable to and from our storage area.

2.CLEANING SERVICES - cleaning services of inflatable structures with equipment and specific materials, dedicated to the restoration of waterproofing property offering the advantage to maintain high quality of our inflatables, both from an aesthetic point of view that from a technical point of view.

3.REPAIR - through the repair service we offer the advantage of having an optimal reconditioning of the inflatable structure, in order to use always the best of the product in all its shape and characteristic.


1. PREPARATION - thanks to the experience and expertise of our staff and dismantling of structures for events, we develop and prepare what is necessary to ensure the best result of the inflatable structure.

2. TRANSPORTATION - service guarantees delivery and transport of the inflatable structure at set established times and days, according to the agreed destination.


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