The PAS is a well-established Italian leader in the field of inflatable structures, even for trade abroad. The company has been in business since 1996, to accompany with their inflatable structures clients and agencies during events.

PAS designs and manufactures stand inflatable customized for your event.

All production is made entirely from PAS in Italy, near Turin, in Druento and is based on the use of high quality Italian fabrics certified with class 1 flame-retardant.

All structures produced by PAS INFLATABLE are followed by an instruction manual, certification of construction under the structure attested by our engineer, warranties, certifications and approvals ministerial tissue bought in Italy.

The structures are inflated with cold air from a silent engine (internal or external), powered by electricity, which allows the air introducing inflation, giving life to your ideas.

Inflatable structures produced by PAS may be entirely digitally printed or manufactured in different standard colors and shapes.

The product is lightweighteasy to transport (you can also fold into a backpack!), quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. For example a stand mt. 9 x 8 has an inflation time of only 5 minutes! 

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